Tree Gateway - Groups

Tree Gateway allow you to create groups of endpoints and configure any of its features to be applied only to one or more groups.

Blocking or Allowing Groups

Group Example --- name: MyGrouppedAPI version: 1.0.0 path: group/ group: - id: Allowed description: Specify a group of endpoints that will be allowed to be called member: - path: - /allowed/**/* method: - GET proxy: target: host: allow: - Allowed

This sample will make tree gateway to return 404 to all requests that does not match the 'Allowed' group rules.

The Allowed group includes only GET requestes to enpoints which path matches the glob pattern '/allowed/**/*'

Complex conditions

Complex Conditions --- name: MyBasicAuthenticatedAPI version: 1.0.0 path: grouptest/ group: - id: secureGroup description: All routes that need to be authenticated member: - path: - '!**/auth && !**/set-new-password && !**/ask-new-password-code' proxy: target: host: authentication: strategy: name: jwt options: extractFrom: authHeader: Bearer secretOrKey: secret group: secureGroup

This sample wil configure the same authentication as we show in the JWT example, but applying it only to certain group of URIs.

All API requests will be authenticated, except by those which matches the pattern specified.

Example of URI that will not be authenticated: curl